Grace Hartzel may seem like a new face on the modeling scene, but the truth is that she’s no amateur. Mary and Jeff Clarke, the same agents who have made stars of other A-listers such as Karlie Kloss, discovered her as a fourteen-year-old at a Cheesecake Factory in Saint Louis, Missouri.

She started her career walking in the Raf Simons Dior Haute Couture show and blew up – becoming a signature model at fashion week events. Now, Graace Hartzel has modeled for everyone from Chanel to Marc Jacobs.

Grace eventually caught the eye of Saint Laurent’s Hedi Silmane. After she walked the runway at her first grunge show, the model went on vacation where she got inspired from some anime she was reading. Grace told Vogue that she immediately went to CVS and bought scissors to cut her bangs in order to look like a girl in the manga comic she had brought on her trip. Though she was afraid the quick decision would cost her jobs, Saint Laurent loved the new look and called her to LA for an exclusive pre-fall campaign.

Grace Hartzel is a long time art-lover who finds inspiration everywhere she goes, and has a special appreciation for the Japanese kawaii style. Her Instagram feed is a true testament to every side of Grace’s personality. Photos range from runway photos and ad campaigns for Prada or Fendi, to sketches of anime characters from some of her favorite mangas like Vampire Knite.

Along with her Japanese influences, Grace Hartzel also credits classic French style as one of her major influences. The upcoming model is obsessed with Jane Birkin and Francoise Hardy, who she also considers to be kawaii.

Contradictory to her her style inspiration and high profile lifestyle, Grace had a Midwest upbringing. She was born in St. Louis, and has lived in both Wisconsin and Indiana. She started modeling at the age of 14, but always wanted to become an actress, and participated in musical groups and drama clubs, which would explain the whimsical modeling personas she creates for herself. Hartzel cites the Ferragamo campaign “My Life is a Play” as one of her favorite jobs because it was all about different personalities and allowed her to flex her acting muscles.

She likes to constantly switch up her style, becoming different characters that range from Japanese anime to punk and grunge, to vintage Victorian. Makeup plays a huge part in how Grace tackles the characters she models as. One of her favorite looks includes using a nude liner inside of her big doe eyes to open them up even further, creating Twiggy-style lashes and using felt-tip eyeliner. She also enjoys using glitter and vampy dark lipstick that looks “creepy and velvety.” Once, Grace even donned a set of custom, enamel fangs from a store called Fang.

Grace Hartzel is a truly unique presence in the fashion world. She doesn’t mind being stared at and loves setting herself apart from the crowd. With over 39 thousand Instagram followers who hang onto Grace’s every artsy ‘gram, Hartzel is truly an influencer to watch out for.