All models and influencers should take special care in taking #OOTDs and posting them on Instagram. After all, since being an online ambassador entails maintaining a certain image, you have to see to it that you only post the best outfit photos that will make your followers do the double tap!

There are simple tips that you can do to ensure that your photos will stand out every single time. With these simple tricks, you should be able to avoid the most common outfit fails and impress your followers with every post.

Wearing the Wrong Underwear

Most of the time, people haphazardly choose their underwear for the sole reason that undergarments will be hidden from view anyway. However, any stylist will tell you that choosing and wearing the right underwear pieces will make a great photo.

These pieces of clothing give the right foundation for your clothes and improves your physique. Make sure that you use pieces that fit right and that straps and any part that should be hidden from plain sight is perfectly in place.

Wearing Clothes that Do Not Fit Right

Everyone has those special pieces that make them feel comfortable and confident. Because of this, we tend to hold on to these clothes and wear them every chance that we get, even if they no longer fit us anymore! No matter how much you love a shirt or a skirt, you should consider retiring it once you notice that it has become too small or too big for you.

Clothes that do not fit right will make you look sluggish and unpolished, so take a good look at your wardrobe, do a quick edit, and go shopping for the pieces that you need to replace!

Wearing Un-Prepped Garments

Different clothes need different preparation techniques in order for them to look their best. While there are clothes that you can wear straight out of the wash, most of them would need even just a little amount of pressing before you put them on.

Avoid wearing wrinkled shirts and un-pressed pieces because they will do nothing for your figure or for your image. Here’s a simple tip: consider your wardrobe in advance. This way, if certain clothes need prepping, you can do so without having to rush!

Taking Photos in Bad Lighting

When you take your #OOTDs, you have to make sure that you show every single piece of clothing in the best possible light, literally and figuratively. This is especially true if you are posting in behalf of the fashion brands that you are working with. There is nothing more catastrophic than working with a clothing brand and having them see photos that do not reflect the quality of their clothes.

Save yourself from making this mistake by ensuring that all of your photos are taken in natural light. See to it that your phone’s white balance is also at the right setting. This way, every single piece of clothing that you wear will be taken at its true form!