Kathryn is an American yoga teacher with a great charisma and ability to motivate her students and people to Aim True. With her humor and accessibility, she is well known and celebrated internationally and also she is the author of the book Women’s Health Big Book of Yoga and Aim True.



Kathryn grew up in Lawrence, Kansas and attended to Princeton High School in Princeton, New Jersey. She is a daughter of the president of the Major League Baseball American League – Gene Budig.
She graduated from the University of Virginia in English and Drama and her journey started in Los Angeles when she began as a yoga teacher training along with YogaWorks co-founders Ezraty and Chuck.

Kathryn currently teaches yoga online at YogaGlo.com and also she teaches classes worldwide.
In 2011, Budig released her first DVD – Kathryn Budig Aim True Yoga and in 2012 she became the face of Under Armour Women’s Studio Line.

Kathryn is dedicated to yoga practices and meditation also on helping people to see their body-image issue. She explains it passionately on her book ‘Aim True’ and on finding ways to naturally take care and enjoy. 

Kathryn on the blog posts daily recipes and thinks that the food is a key to every training and every dedication whether it is yoga or other lifestyles. She encourages people not just to shape their figure, but to dedicate more on how they feel instead of how it would be if they ate a lot or less. Think of things that you eat positively as she says:
“I’m going to eat this, and it’s going to make me fat, bloated, and miserable,” then as soon as you eat it you’re unhappy. But if you look at that cookie and say, “Oh, beautiful, round thing full of chocolatey-chip goodness, I’m going to consume you and there’s going to be a dance party in my belly and it’s going to be unbelievable,” then you’re going to be fine.

She does not approve how most of the people think of being a yogi is, getting the shape you want is not the only thing that is connected with yoga. There is so much above that.
One of the interesting things in Budig’s career is that she took pictures ‘Poses with paws’ inspired by her dog and are were famous.

Quite adventurous she travels all around the world, holds workshops where people can embrace her personal sentence ‘Aim True’ and feel the energy of yoga.

Her locations are specific, exciting and relaxing locations where people can relax.
Budig likes to help people, she does not feel like a celebrity.

Her constant need to help is infinite, the gratitude she gets for return is the most precious thing from all the effort. She enjoys being around people, feel the joy together and be connected and care for each other.

Her valuable characteristics lead to successful teacher, she’s got everything she needs and continues with her exciting journey of sharing happiness and health through yoga worldwide.