As an online model and brand ambassador, you have to consistently make sure that your body is in top form. After all, with all the content that you post in a daily basis and the chance or running across your followers in the real world, you have to make sure that you can always put your best foot forward. Here are some effective and indulging diet secrets that even top models swear by. With these tips, you will be able to maintain a fit bod that will fit your online brand!

Combine the Right Kinds of Food

While it is a common practice to count calories, there is so much more that you should consider when you plan your meals. It all boils down to eating the right kinds of food that will keep you full for a longer time and will aid in promoting proper digestion. As a rule of thumb, try not to mix protein and carbohydrates in one meal. Doing so may cause bloating and constipation, which may cause you to look as if you have a pooch!

Start Light in the Morning

While you should not skip breakfast, it will be a good idea for you to start your day with a light meal instead of a fully-loaded plate. A piece of toast and a smoothie will give you enough energy for your morning without causing unwanted bloating. There is only a few hours between breakfast and lunch, after all, so there is no need to eat a lot during the morning. Also make sure that you make your lunch the heaviest meal of the day. This will give your body enough time to digest your food. Finish your day with a medium-sized dinner and repeat the next day!

Make your Snacks Count

There is nothing more irritating than feeling your stomach grumble. If you feel that you are starting to get hunger pangs in between meal, then it is perfectly alright to have a small snack. What matter here is that you make the right choices when it comes to picking the food that you will eat between meal times. Steer clear of sweets and chips, no matter how much you are craving them. A piece of fruit and a handful of nuts should do perfectly well to tide you over and to deal with hunger.

Sneak in Some Superfoods

Sometimes, relying on the vitamins and nutrients that you get from the meals that you eat will not be enough. In cases like this, you have to give your body its much-needed boost by getting enough servings of superfoods! These foods are packed with different kinds of benefits that will surely benefit your body! Blueberries are known to have amazing antioxidation properties, along with tons of fiber and phytochemicals. Kale is also a superfood that is packed with vitamins and minerals.