Setting yourself apart from the rest of the models on Instagram may be challenging but it definitely is not impossible. With the right strategy in place, you, too, can turn out to be just like other Insta-famous people that you follow and love!

Here are some tips that you may use to boost your personal branding and to make your way towards being an IG It Girl. With these simple adjustments, you should be able to build your network, launch amazing content, and use your profile to build your career.

Partner with Other Models

As an online ambassador, your ultimate goal should be to grow your clout enough to make brands want to partner with you. However, this does not come served on a silver platter. You have to wait for it and, more importantly, to work for it.

One thing that you can do to make this easier is to partner with your other model friends! This is a great way to share followers. Casual shout-outs between your fellow model and yourself will make your profile visible to her followers and more interesting to potential brand partners.

Time your Content

People do not have enough time to spend the whole day on social media. For this reason, you have to ensure that you time your posts in such a way that they will be the first things that your followers will see when they go online.

You just need to do a simple research. What time do most of your likes and comments come in? What time do you experience better engagement with your followers? Timing your posts during the golden hour will spell the difference between a trending content and one that is simply over looked.

Focus your Energy

There is no doubt that you have accounts across different social media platforms. Surely, you would do everything in your power to maintain all of these accounts and to grow your following across these channels.

While this is the eventual goal, doing this is not too wise when you are only starting out. The better thing to do is to focus your energy in visual platforms that will help you achieve your modeling dream. Instagram is the best venue for models because it is a visual platform. If you want to work smarter, focus a bigger chunk of your day on IG as compared to other social media sites.

Kill them with Kindness

Modeling is an interesting field, but you would need to be confident and a little tough-skinned in order to succeed in it. No matter how interesting and beautiful your content may be, you will come across negative comments and experiences that you should be able to handle professionally.

In these situations, put a smile on your face and respond to hate with love. After all, brands will want to partner with personalities who can manage their followers. Avoid taking it personally and focus your energy on the great things that other people are saying!