The old-fashioned and retro accessories are becoming more and more requested in fashion. That’s just because women always find cool ways of wearing their old outfits with modern touches. These days the usage of wide belts over jackets is increasing thanks to the latest runway looks. We see better ideas of wearing jackets with wide belts. If you are interested in this neat style, then keep up with some of the most fashionable looks.

Fall Jacket with Leather Waist Belt

Wide leather belts never go out of style. You can even use your mother’s belts if they are fresh enough for usage. This fall is all about classic and elegant accessories and your jackets will definetely look more impressive with wide leather waist belts in black, grey, brown and red shades. In case, you are looking for something creative and more stylish, you can take a look at the recent runway styles provided by posh fashion houses.

Denim Jacket with Printed Wide Belts

Considering the fact that medium to long denim jackets are all the rage these days, we offer accessorizing them with wide printed belts. From the simlpest vintage polka dots to the latest trendy prints, you can opt for anything you like until it goes well with your jacket style. While some keep up with cute and girlish ideas, others opt for extravagant and eye-catching looks with this cool idea. The desired retro touch can easily be shown with this lovely combination.

Kimono with Wide Retro Belts

In fact, kimonos are the fashionable jacket styles that people used to wear with wide belts, mostly made of the same fabric as the kimono itself. Then women started to rock them without belts in rder to grab more attention on their outfit combination. That is to say, kimonos were used as great accessories for a number of dressing ideas. Nowadays designers offer a variety of solutions for the best dressing styles of kimonos. One of them is the usage of wide retro belts. In this case, you can opt for bright-colored belts according to the shades or prints of your kimono.

Jackects with Corset Belts

Corset belts started to make a big style statement in 2017 and they continue to stay as cool trends for fall 2018 too. These tight styles of belts create contrasts with classic jackets. From the first sight, it seems as if they have nothing to do with jackets but they actually work well for cold days.