Health is wealth. This proverb is the reality. If someone don’t have a good health he or she cannot be happy. A man with powerful arms and body named Fredrick Gaston. He has got a stunning six pack body. This body makes him perfect for his bright future in modeling. In one word a healthy and powerful body can make a man powerful from each and every side. Guess what?? How old is he?? He is 48 but he looks just 25 plus. He is very hard working and is very simple. He likes to talk with friends and tries to help them a lot.

“I know all the little people who suffer/ I’ve been the ear to the homeless and their plight. I know their pains and strengths. Most just want to be treated FAIR and with respect. Simple. Kids walk the blocks idle and hopeless knowing no one gives a damn. We don’t need funds to educate and for common courtesy of the little people. I don’t need a speech when speaking the truth. Such a thin line between politics and business we must separate the two.”- Fredrick Gaston.

He is a very new face or an aspiring model who is going for the impossible dream for his new life. We said that he is 48 years of age but fits 365 days a year. He enjoys speaking on stage whether reciting theatrical poetry or delivering a motivating speech. He is very versatile, self-motivated, optimistic and he likes to provide creativity. He is very energetic and can deliver energy with and to directors. Agents, clients, audiences, writers (great writer) can be benefited by him. He brings more than a shell and he brings his everything and more.

He is the owner of Meridian the Salon, where style meets class and professionalism. Here at Meridian, they strive to create your best look by outwardly expressing your inner beauty. Located in the heart of Long Island. For over 20 years, there professionals have been trained to find your best look with their wide range of high quality products and high-end, luxury services.

He has a muscular body type and his body color is totally brown. His hair is black. His race is Afro American. He is 6’3” tall and is very simple in his life. He has got a very heavy body. He likes all foods, juice, health drinks, water and likes some brands of clothing.

For more info, visit Instagram @ Bigfredcutz and IGMS profile. You can visit his own website Freds barbershop mastic beach.