With her blonde hair and her hazel eyes, Natalie Juckett has the makings of a successful model. She has a thin and lithe frame that is highly adaptable for these kinds of modeling campaigns, and she has a spirited go-getter attitude that makes her a great candidate for brand scouts.

This young woman lists art, hair, fitness, photography, music, sports, and travelling as her major modeling categories; and it is pretty easy to see how she can bring success for campaigns under this spectrum. Hollister, American Eagle, and Cover Girl are her favorite clothing and beauty brands.

At a young age of 14 years old, this young woman already stands tall and proud at a whopping 5’7 ½’’. Born and raised in Maryland, she is very eager to scope out life in the big city and see how her small town charm can do wonders for big-ticket brands.

Natalie has the right priorities in place. While her biggest dream is to become a successful international model and spokesperson, this does not mean that education has taken a back seat for her! This hard-working lady has her laurels in the academic world. She is a full-pledges Principles Honor Roll student that has the drive to achieve success in everything that she does. This character also translates to her modeling dream and it is apparent on how she actively scouts for opportunities that will give her a big break into the industry.

She is also a notable Equestrian rider. Her light frame makes her ideal for such a sport, after all. Her achievements in being an equestrian is another proof of her go-getter attitude that will surely take her places!

“I enjoy drawing, reading and the beach. I am a free spirit!” – Natalie Juckett

Like every young girl, Natalie knows how to balance work and fun! She had different creative and adventurous hobbies that give her a much-needed reprieve from her academic and her equestrian career. Her wide range of interests also give her different perspectives in life, making her the well-rounded young woman that she is.

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