Natasha Gardner is the blondie you don’t want to miss while crossing the street but embrace her. This cute blondie is chill, is cool, I love beach-like, sexy, trendy and model material. Looks like Heidi in her young years. She follows the latest trends and does her best when it comes to her looks. It is pretty obvious on her profile that she could be the next Coco girl, perfectly looks with hats and all sorts of hats!

She rocks at beach photo sessions with steamingly hot looks. She adores walks by the beach, embraces nature, exercises. She looks adorable with her pets and looks really good in nature and under the sun.
This Australian beauty fits very well on summer magazines, pets magazines, being one of the Vic’s Angel, make it to the top in Hollywood or just be a normal person having Instagram fulfilled with beautiful things as she always does and has more viewers than the rest of the models.

She knows where the fun lair is hidden and goes for it, she really knows how to look fun-like on photos or just sit and smile spreading positive energy. She’s awesome, cute, fun and has tremendously gorgeous looks.
She really knows how to enjoy life and also makes it comfortable for other to see and enjoy it together with her. Natasha also has a sense of photography, knows when the sun goes up to take a beautiful photo with or without a smile, knows when to display the beauty of her surroundings and when to look at her best. She always can do it better because she has a lot of potentials and be more creative about it.
Moments captured on her Instagram are the more precious ones, but she makes it more precious when she’s on them.