One of the easiest ways to transform your hair into something fresher and fancier is dying it with a new technique. Although dip-dye isn’t a new style in the fashion world but it always undergoes touch ups and refreshments so that we can find more creative solutions for our stylish hairstyles and looks. Lately, many use the popular ombre technique to get gorgeous dip-dye styles keeping the result closer to natural looks. However, there are women who prefer extravagant looks and dip-dye is a great way to play with such looks. Let’s have a look at the newest dip-dye hair color ideas for the coming season.

Natural Dip-Dye Hair Color

As mentioned above, natural styles of dip-dye are often achieved thanks to the lovely ombre technique. Here you see natural blonde ombre dip dye hair color idea that suits almost everyone who has brown hair. With the help of natural-looking blonde highlights you can create a richer hair color from your locks starting from the middle part. If the ombre starts with the middle part, dip-dye deals only with the tips. So, mix these two techniques for a smashing effect.

Turquoise Dip Dyed Hair The best thing about dip-dye is that it doesn’t ask hair length. You can create fantastic styles on short haircuts too. So, take your ultimate inspiration from this bob haircut and dye the tips in turquoise dip-dye shade. Turquoise hair color works well with dark to medium hair and makes it more interesting.

Pastel Dip-Dye Hair Color

If the previous style is perfect for brunettes, pastel dip-dye looks ideal on blonde hair. Here you see pastel pink dip-dye on light blonde hair. It’s very dainty, feminine and attractive. Tired of the monotone blonde? Brighten it up with pastel pink and you’ll love your new style. Take your inspiration from celebs that often go for the stunning Barbie look.

Rainbow Dip Dye Hair Color

And there are cases when you want to mix up all the possible shades of rainbow to enjoy the most fashionable styles. Instead of a fully rainbow style you may go for this cute idea. Dye only the tips in rainbow shades choosing the most suitable tones for your base hair color. This works both with dark and light hair. You may consult with a professional hair colorist before choosing the shades. Try to keep it well-balanced otherwise you’ll ruin your tresses.

Brunette to Blonde Dip-Dye Hair Color

If you think it’s the same ombre then we are here to tell you that the contrast is too touchable in this case and it truly differs from the professional ombre. When you choose the brunette to blonde dip-dye you know that your brunette roots are going to meet with light blonde tips with a great contrast. The color doesn’t lighten up gradually, but it makes your hair look light just at the ends. This style requests deep bleaching, so make sure you take care for the tips of your hair in order to keep them soft and shiny.