Rain, Rain go away, come again another day. Because this stunning lady has got the most beautiful and stunning personality. This is Holly Ray. She is so hot that rain can be heated up. She has got the most beautiful eyes someone have ever seen. She is just 24 years of age but she looks like she is just 18 plus. Oh my good she is just awesome.

Holly ray is from Harlem and is living Harlem now. But an important news is her family lives on all different sides of the world from Africa to Australia, England and Belgium. But they live in Harlem.

“When it’s been a year since you hugged your mom ❤️ #missyoumum#onlytwomoremonthstogo #capetownnext”- Holly Ray.

She loves her mom a lot. Holly has a big brother too who looks little bit different but cute. Holly loves animal a lot. She has a pet dog and a pet kitty also. It means she is really a kind hearted person that makes her personality very much defended. She loves to travel a lot. As we have known that her family also travels a lot, Holly is good at traveling. She loves to play with her dog a lot. Her dog sleeps with her this means how much she loves her pet. She has bought an apartment couple of days ago.

“He is just too perfect 😍🐴#maman #heisperfect #sleepypony#cuddles”-Holly Ray. Who is this #maman? It is horse which belongs to her. The name of the horse is Maman. She also loves horse riding. She calls her horse a big monster but loves it a lot.

“Today I stood under a waterfall at the end of a rainbow, played on a lava beach, watched geysers erupt and saw the aurora borealis…. In other words the gold at the end of this rainbow was the day 🌄@flynnstagram25 #iceland#bucketlist #itwasperfect#theadventurecontinuestomorrow”-Holly Ray. She is so much nature loving.

She works at a hedge fund and bar tend on the weekends and spends time with those whom matter most to her, get dressed up, wear sweats and enjoys whatever comes her way. She just started her journey of modeling and gained a lot. Her fashion type is various and hair is Blonde. She is tall of the measure 5’7”. Holly is pretty and her skin is medium. Her bust size is 34C and weighted only 50kg. Her hip measurement is 30’. She loves to eat foods. Coffee, avocado, eggs of any kind, chips, pizza, tea – are the favorite foods of her. She is fashion loving and friendly person. Balmain, Sabo, Zara, Chanel, Gucci, Givenchy, Nike, Adidas- are the favorite fashion bands of clothing and Mac, Bobbie brown, Chanel-are the favorite fashion cosmetics.

While she doesn’t have a huge current social media presence she knows that with a bit of time she can grow into something amazing. She has the desire, the time and most importantly the ability to take your brand to the next level with a bit help. So you can come and join her.

For more info, you can visit Instagram @sincerelsy­­_holls and IGMS profile.