There is always that one girl on Instagram that you are kinda obsessed with. Or two, or three… Who’s counting!? Hey, no one is supposed to look at your screen while you stalk other people.
But yes, there are those girls whose profiles you visit more that you would like to admit. Even to yourself.
Remember, if the police ask-you are not a stalker, you are an admirer!

So why and how in hell did you get so addicted to these Instagram queens? The thing is, they pulled some tricks on you. Here, we’ll reveal some of thоse tricks to you. After all, you want to be stalked and not be the stalker… I meant, you want to be admired and not be the admirer.  This is how you can achieve that!

What’s the Bigger Picture Saying?

If you went through high-school, this will be easy to understand. You know how when you are (were) writing an essay, the first thing that you need to decide on is the message you are trying to send. Same goes for Instagram. You must ask yourself:  “What am I trying to communicate here? What’s my goal?” . Once you have that idea in your head, go for it.

Maybe you are an animal lover? Or fashionista. Is art your thing? Decide, and stick to your decision! If you are an artistic soul that loves animals and can’t wait to share his/hers artistic pictures from the last night’s fashion event, Instagram can deal with that too. Instagram is full of character, just like you! As long as it adds up well in the overall message you are trying to send! Long story short- follow your vibe and transfer it on Instagram. And don’t be surprised when all those follow requests kick in! Moreover, additional followers imply more hearts!

Stay FAITHFUL to One Filter (And to your girlfriend or boyfriend as well)

Yes, Instagram does offer thousands of filters. While using the same filter over and over again can get boring, the trust you’d put in one single filter can be much appreciated. The effort always pays off. Thank you God for making VSCO available. The app that gets the job done. Try it, and you’ll know what we’re talking about. Again, the same old “Change is good” still applies, but not when it comes to Instagram filters. Use the same filter with a different lightening!

Time the Right Timing

Okay, you must have noticed that Instagram stars have a ‘hit’ time. Hit time is the time when you can attract more visitors on your profile. For example, 5 pm is usually the time when everyone’s online. You might want to post a picture then. That way more people can see what you are posting. Also, statistics show that Sunday is the best way to ‘generate more traffic’. At the present time, there is no better way to spend a vacation day than being on Instagram. After all it is everyone’s favorite app!

It is not really that hard. All you need is the right dose of dedication!