As an online model, you are very much aware of how important engagement is when it comes to boosting your personal brand online. However, unless you invest on the top paid analytics tool, it can be challenging to pinpoint which online relationships to cultivate and focus on.

Let’s face it. Time is of the essence, especially when it comes to connecting with your online followers. While you would want to reply to every single comment that your photos will receive, it is next to impossible to do so. Here are some tips that you may use to zero in on the right online relationships for maximum gain.

Stick to the Ones that Come from Real Accounts

No matter how stringent Instagram rules are when it comes to using automated accounts, there is simply no foolproof way to eliminate them online. If you have a good online following, chances are you have a handful of bot followers without you even knowing. It is your responsibility to look through your content engagement and decipher which ones come from real people using real accounts. It is highly advices that you only interact with real human followers, because engaging with bots will get you nowhere.

Engage with Long-Time Followers

That follower who has been liking every single photo that you post and leaving as many comments as possible? You should seriously consider building a strong online relationship with him or her. Chances are, you will not only be able to ensure continuous patronage; you will also be able to gain a loyal real-world fan! There is no harm in befriending followers who have been solid members of your online fan base for years. As a matter of fact, it is highly advised that you return their attention and communicate with them constantly, because they can help you build your brand without you even having to ask!

Find Potential Advocates

There are instances when you would come across followers who are almost as passionate about your personal brand as you are. Be it your favorite brands or the causes that you support, you will find them right by your side, supporting your online activities. Count yourself lucky if you have followers who fit this description, because not all online models are blessed with fans who are also willing to play the role of brand advocates. Thank them for their effort via DM or a public comment, and they will surely love you more.

Consider the Haters

No matter how you project yourself online, there will come a time when you would come across people who you cannot please. This comes with the territory of being an online model and a brand ambassador. A word of advice: don’t let these people get you down! When it comes to online engagement, even bad attention is good attention! Just be confident and take their comments with a grain of salt. Remember, every comment that they post, no matter how irritating they may be, is helping you gather engagement points!