Another big event is over and we are happy we can discuss the latest looks of our favorite celebrities. Let’s take a look at the best gowns from Oscars 2019. When it comes to this event all celebs do their best to sparkle with their stunning beauty. So, these fancy looks are going to give you a great inspo for wedding styles and special looks.


There is something more than feminine in this fabulous women. Je Lo always stands out with her glamorous beauty and attractive style. Look at this gown that brings out her smashing body shape and keeps all eyes on her. It’s one of her best dresses seen so far. She has chosen it from Tom Ford’s latest collection and it truly suits her.

Emma Stone

It seems as if we always keep up with the same celebs but the fact is that they are the most stylish. So, the next fashionable celebrity with a cool gown is Emma Stone. She was in a long and fascinating dress form Louis Vuitton at the Oscars 2019.

Brie Larson

Brie Larson’s silver gown could give you ideas on how to match your silver accessories: shoes, bags and jewelry. This glossy dress is suitable for any special occasion, be it a birthday party or wedding. The style and design of the gown is unique and glamorous. It has a retro effect of old cocktail gowns.

Emilia Clarke

Those looking for an asymmetrical design for their next prom look can take a look at Emilia Clarke’s following look. It is so fashionable and eye-catching in its style. Though the fabric is monochrome, it looks elegant and very beautiful. If your skin tone and hair color allows you to opt for the same shade, then you can ask your stylist to copy the same gown for you.

Constance Wu

A bright yellow dress! It’s all you need to look fresh, interesting and stylish. Constance Wu teaches us how to rock a cute yellow dress with great confidence. The fabric and the design of this gown is ethereal and subtle. It highlights her femininity and makes her look cuter.

Amy Adams

Atelier Versace is Ama Adam’s choice for Oscars 2019. This gown of her reminds of a hot mermaid. She herself is very attractive and feminine. Her hair color, light skin tone and eye hue give her the opportunity to choose any color for her dresses she likes. This time Amy has gone for a lovely combo of two light colors.