Another well skilled and good looking model. Paige Wildermuth is far more skilled than any model. She is a business manager and a type of girl that can reach to the main covers of magazines. Paige is a young and stylish girl, blonde and sexy. She looks cute in almost everything, being in rock, sports or just chill out style. She’s friendly and loveable and that makes her even more attractive in her modeling career.

She looks awesome on traveling pictures even in the ones caught spontaneously, showing off her summer beauty. She’s quite into fashion which is one of the most important characteristics that every model must have and even has a sense of choosing the right clothes to look at her best.
Her adventurous side is irresistible, she shines beauty and sexiness all over her Instagram profile.

She’s very cute with animals, cats, and dogs and quite enjoys having them around. It is an overwhelming feeling when seeing her in those kinds of pictures.
She attended the Indiana University of Bloomington and had her bachelor’s degree in Finance and International business and she sure has the face for that.
She really looks like the type of business woman that has both brains and beauty all in one.

She looks like an exotic beau model, summer days and exotic scenes may suit her very good almost perfect. She can also make it into sports industries or be a famous party girl or maybe be one of the fun and entertaining celebs that you would like to see daily on tv. There’s a lot of potentials to be uncovered, a lot of skills yet to be learned and those who already have yet to be showed.