Parfois started as a fashion accessory brand in 1994 and has continuously grown ever since. Its humble beginnings with the first store in Oporto, Portugal, have led to a major success. Nowadays, Parfois has around 700 shops all over Europe.


Undefined is my definition – the motto Parfois chose for their campaign. Does it not make you think about the labels we often put on people? How we define every single person by their weight, height, hair color? Their campaign is much more than a fashion statement; Parfois is trying to change the fact that we put etiquettes on everything that surrounds us.

Parfois new Spring/Summer 2018 campaign is inspired by the ongoing quest for finding the woman within ones being. Their accessories are a modern vision to the world, and they are trying to send a message: since we live in a modern world, why shouldn’t a woman enjoy her femininity the way she prefers? Not every single woman has to be another Kate Moss; instead of generalization of the concept woman, Parfois wants to break down the limits and let everyone’s individuality shine.

Brit Vandervoort has been chosen as the campaign’s leading model. Who is Brit Vandervoort? A woman who seeks to differentiate herself from the world, fighter against labels and stereotypes, a human being that wants to be who she really is, not who the world expects her to be. Her wishes come first; her life is shaped by her beliefs, and she couldn’t care less about what everyone else thinks. She represents the type of woman we should all strive to be.

Rare are the people who create their own reality. Unapologetically enjoying spending time in their own skin. That’s who Parfois is trying to ‘paint’ through Brit Vandervoort in their new campaign. She wears the most unexpected accessories. She styles her outfits the way nobody saw coming. Isn’t that what fashion is all about?

You really nailed it with this one, Parfois!

Completely different styles are merged into one. Artistic and ethnic do go hand in hand, and we are going to be wearing this combination for the whole season. Ethnic motifs were really big for the previous season, and their popularity is only growing. Our everyday accessories like handbags or backpacks can be worn with more elegant shoes or even high heels; that’s what Parfois is proving us here. They are not trying to convince you into styling your outfits like they did for their campaign. No, Parfois is trying to give you a fresh breath of boldness when it comes to fashion. If they can pair up a backpack and high heels, imagine what fashion combos you can come up with if you only had the courage.

Parfois creates a new, peculiar, unique world where we are all allowed to be who we really are. And you gotta give them this; it is way better to live in that world than a world full of labels and limits. A world that lets you shine in your uniqueness and gives you high-fives for how awesome you are!