You get the desired inspiration when you truly look for it. Below we have collected the best street style looks from Paris Fashion Week fall 2018 to inspire you for this autumn. What women prefer to wear on the streets of Paris and how they represent new trends? Keep on reading to discover more about the latest trends and dressing ideas for fall.

Transparent Raincoats

It seems as if many more fashionistas love rocking the transparent raincoat trend that grabs attention on streets. It is cozy and attractive at the same time. Instead of simple raincoats women choose shiny styles with silver or neon touches. These are brighter designs that hold more fun and interest. So, say goodbye to old-fashioned and dull transparent raincoats and try a creative and more stylish version of this trend.

Vintage Looks

If you want to stand out in the crowd then try a vintage look. It grabs so much attention thanks to its versatility of color choices, patterns and prints. Vintage outfits for fall are quite popular in Paris. Models teach how to wear them with modern items and women opt for new looks for casual days. In the majority of cases vintage looks are neat and classic as well as cozy to wear all day long.

Bright Accessories

Considering the fact that cold and rainy days are gloomy and they often influence on our mood we should do our best to stay fun and bright. Of course, it’s easier to do with the help of accessories. Even if you choose to wear monotone outfits, make sure your accessories have the brightest shades of fall and tend to add a girlish touch to your overall look. Even the simplest yellow scarf can add so much beauty to your gloomy looks.


Between the most fashionable prints for 2018 stripes have their special place. Although they come with simple designs but the choice is quite versatile thanks to lovely color combinations. Colorful stripes are seen on coats, dresses, two-piece outfits, pants and accessories. In a word, they are everywhere. Designers recommend matching different stripes in one look for much fun. You may opt for the same colors but it’s better if you match different sizes and shapes of stripes. Don’t forget about accessories such as sunglasses, belts, scarves and headbands that can complete your super fancy look.

Knee-Length Boots

Your next big statement could be the right choice of fall shoes. Consider knee-length boots that look perfect with mini dresses and skirts. They keep your legs warm enough and still show of their beauty. You are welcome to choose longer boots that cover much body but always wear them either with skirts or mini dresses.

Warm Headbands

Besides keeping our heads warm in autumn we also want to stay stylish. So, replace your old headbands with accessories and embroidered options for this season. Opt for the following headbands represented at Paris fashion weeks. As you see, they are fascinating enough to beautify your dull looks.