If you are one of those people how are wondering how to make perfect Instagram flatlays, then this might be the perfect article for you. I love when I see well organized and nicely composed flat lay, so I have decided to share some tips, that I also learned with you.  

Let’s start with ‘what is flat lay’ question. First of all, that is a fantastic way to show off your things – cosmetics, shoes, items in general. For this flat lay composition to be made, you will need your iPhone and lot of creative ideas.


Choose Appropriate Background

First of all, let’s pick the background which won’t distract people from looking at the items you are photographing. Simple background such as marble tiles, fluffy rugs, wooden floors or your favorite blanket will work out perfectly well with every color palette that you decide to choose.

My voice goes to white, clean and bright backgrounds. I think they are the best for photo shooting flatlays.


Pick a Color Palette

This tip is crucial to make a good composition. We will talk about picking the theme too, but before that, you need to organize your flat lay by color. Of course, not every photograph requires that much attention. However, if you take you flatlays just casually, they might not gain a lot of new followers and likes. You can do it monochrome or colorful, but try not to look like you’ve overdone it.


Good Lighting is The Must

As for any other photo, for flatlays, you will need natural lighting. It is important to take photographs during the day so they can be clean and light.

Bonus tip: walk around your home and try to shoot something in some places where you think lighting is excellent. Compare photos and choose the best location for your perfect Instagram flatlays.


Choose a Theme

Along with choosing the color palette, it is important to choose a theme of your flatlay. They are supposed to tell a story, so make sure you have one with your flat lay.

The theme can actually be anything you wish: something that you are doing in a moment, what’s in my bag or something like that. No matter if you show off food, beauty products or just random items that you have to use them together to make a story.


Try Different Layouts

When you make a composition for your flatlay, don’t settle down for the first one you made. Be creative and make few more layouts. Maybe, you will like some other more than the first one. Layer things one on other or replace small and large items places.


Shoot from Birds Perspective

Flatlays are shoot from a birds perspective. You would need a stool if you composed your flatlay on the bed or table. However, if you set it on the floor, you can photograph it standing.


Bonus: Make Your Own Props Box


If you really like to make flatlays, then you can make a box of props that you will use every time. For example, you can use some faux flowers, jewelry, books or magazines. These things will come handy for you, every time you decide to make a flatlay post for your Instagram feed.


I hope you have enjoyed reading these tips for perfect Instagram flatlays. If you have some suggestions that I have missed, be free to write in comment section below!