Beautiful photos do not come accidentally. For you to be able to maintain a beautiful Instagram feed that tells a cohesive story, you would need to place much thought into styling your photos before you shoot them.

The thought of planning out every single photograph that you take may seem a little daunting, especially for casual photographers and novice models. However, if you would begin now, you are also beginning the process of building a feed that will definitely capture the attention of brand scouts.

Add Life to your Images  

When it comes to shooting photos that will feel warm and engaging, adding a plant or your pet inside the frame will make all the difference. Even casual selfies will look and feel different if you add another living thing in the mix! For some reason, this additional element makes the whole photo feel warmer and makes you seem more approachable than usual. As a matter of fact, pets even end up being staples in their owners’ IG profiles because followers tend to find them cute and adorable.

Subtlety is the Key

Yes, you will be planning and styling your photos, but this does not mean that your followers need to know that you spend a great deal of time in laying every element of the picture down. When it comes to styling for photographs, you are better off sticking with simple cues and subtle details. Overly staged photos tend to turn people off, since they feel cold and fake. However, photos that are able to maintain a certain level of simplicity feels aspiration and inspiring, thus drawing followers in.

Place Things in Threes

For some reason, things that are grouped together in odd numbers look more appealing than those that are in even-numbered groups. This means that, when it comes to styling your photos, make sure that you place things in groups of three, at least. Odd-numbered groups tend to feel more spontaneous, as opposed to the more robotic even-numbered groups. When you put your photos together, pick out your least favorite items and temporarily take it out of the frame before taking your photo for posting.

Devil is in the Details

If you think that small and minor details should be the least of your worries, then you should think again. Since Instagram is an intimate medium that gives your followers a peek into your world, you can count on your followers to look closely and zoom in on your photo. This means that you should be careful in choosing believable details that will be aligned with your personal branding.

If you are a beauty influencer, random products around your night stand will be ideal. If you are a fashion ambassador, then accessories and folds will have great impact. No detail is too small when it comes to putting together a great photo, so make sure that you spend enough time mulling over these details as necessary.