Pia Muehlenbeck is a person that surely defines beauty and brains. She is a German who has lived most of her life in Australia where she graduated from the University of Technology. Now a model and social media personality having over 1.3 million followers on Instagram, over 7 thousand subscribers on her Youtube Channel and almost 14 thousand on her Twitter account, Pia continues to be a darling among the social media people.

After graduating from Law School, Pia eventually became a lawyer. However, she found her corporate life as a practicing lawyer to be monotonous that she left her job at 2014 and started making her blog. She then was engrossed with wellness and fitness saying that every morning, she starts her day with yoga. She says that not only does it relax her mind but it also stretches her muscles from the day before. Having a beautiful body, and not to mention having killer abs, she has modeled for various brand names giving her a chance to showcase what she’s got!

“When I started working as a model I quickly realized the biggest challenge of the job is to stay photo-ready all year round. This meant that I started doing a lot of research, talking to people that inspired me, and learning how to maintain a lean, toned shape.” – Pia

She now makes a living from her own business of athleticwear – SLINKII Athletic.

SLINKII is a luxury sportswear label that reflects the need for the modern human to integrate balance, strength and flexibility into their daily lives. The line was inspired by Pia’s own athletic pursuit and Co-creator (and boyfriend at the same time), Kane Vato’s love of minimal design. SLINKII unites high-end casual styling with performance fabrics to create a sportswear label unlike any other. The carefully crafted pieces are ideal for yoga. The moisture-wicking fabrics will keep the wearer cool and fresh during a run, and the refined cuts are effortlessly stylish both on and off the mat. SLINKII aims to inspire global health and wellness by promoting an active lifestyle, a balanced mind, contemporary design and environmental preservation.

In April 2016, Pia grabbed the opportunity of becoming the Market Editor of GRAZIA Magazine which focuses on travel and luxe athleisure fashion. She has always been featured in different magazines such as the well-known “Maxim” magazine and even “Sports Illustrated”, CLEO, “The Collective Renegade”, FHM, and also “M!” Up to date, she is being invited to model for other magazine companies because Pia has definitely got some spunk and appeal to share to the people.

Pia’s story is indeed different from other. Success just seem to pop right in front of her door but she says that she has worked hard for everything she has now. Owning her own business was not just a result of her own efforts but also of her boyfriend’s. Working and owning a company with your better half seems to be the dream. Achieving so much requires hard work and planning. Carefully preparing for what you are about to do makes a big impact in one’s life.
“If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.” -Pia