Being an online influencer would require you to maintain a certain kind of visual aesthetic, especially if you want to make sure that your followers will see your profile as one that they should follow. There is no denying the fact that there is something about beautiful photos that will make strangers want to see of your content. For you to be able to boost your online engagement level, you have to ensure that you do everything that you can to add more value to your Instagram feed. Here are some some simple and effective tips that you may use in order to orchestrate amazing visuals for your posts.

Use an Element that will Add Life, Literally

Still images, architecture, and landscape are beautiful to look at, but they do very little when it comes to engaging the audience. For this reason, you should consider adding an element that will add energy to your photos. The easiest way through which you can do this is to include yourself in your pictures by taking beautiful selfies. If not, you can also include your pet or your room plant, just so you can add a talking piece to every content that you launch.

Play with Levels of Energy

When styling and directing your photos and videos, it can be pretty easy to get carried away and to pile in as many colors and shapes as you can. Because of this, what people usually end up with are pieces of content that lack visual focus. Prevent yourself from falling into the same trap by adding a touch of subtlety to your photo. Leave a certain part of your message to the audience’s imagination. Doing so will give them something to think about and just the right push to interact with you and the content that you launch.

Go a Little Odd 

Maintaining a certain balance to your overall look and feel is an easy way to achieve a clean-looking photograph, but doing so may leave your audience to scroll through your post when they see it on their feed. For some reason, items that are placed together in odd-numbered groups are seen to be more interesting and worthy of attention. Keep this in mind the next time that you compose the scene that you plan on shooting for your Instagram content. Place your focal items in groups of three, at the very least, in order to achieve a certain level of interesting balance and dimension.

Focus on the Details

Thanks to the wonders of technology, it is now very easy to take detailed and focused photos using even the most basic smartphone. The next time that you plan your content, consider going a little more in-depth and focusing on the detail of your your focal item. If you are working with an apparel brand, for example, launch a couple of shots showing the stitching and the fabric of the item that you are endorsing. Doing this will help you and your followers see these products in a different perspective.