Stylish girls always keep up with the latest hairstyle trends to be the first to try something new. If you are getting prepared for a special event and you have already chosen the prom outfit then it’s the high time to find the perfect prom braided hairstyle idea to complete the fancy look. Well help you make the right choice according to your hair length and hair color. Keep on reading!

Messy Braided Updo Hairstyle

Braided updo hairstyles are usually ideal for classic and elegant looks. They are often worn by brides and office women invited to a special party. While simple updo hairstyles are too common you may go for a messy braided updo. Why messy? Because messy and undone hairstyles are the biggest trends for 2018. So, lets mix messy styles with braids.

Long Fishtail Braids

Choose long and thick fishtail braids if you have long locks. This style is simple yet so luxurious. Long fishtails look ideal with long prom dresses. You can take examples from posh celebrities who often wear fishtail braids for red carpet events. You may even rock a fishtail ponytail hairstyle if your hair is too long. This hairdo allows you look very attractive. It keeps front hair out of the face and brings out your facial features. So, make sure you wear matching makeup and accessories with it.

Boho Chic Braid Hairstyle

Recently Bohemian hairstyles are often seen at special events, evening parties and even red carpet occasions represented by models and celebrities. These are the most feminine braided hairstyles that look more ravishing and beautiful with fresh flowers. They are actually messy combinations of multiple braids in loose and natural effects. The best thing about boho braids is that they require no limitations and each of us can use their own fantasy in the creation of the hairstyle.

Prom Braid Hairstyle for Short Hair

Short-haired women usually have lack of hairstyle ideas when it comes to prom-ready looks. Here is a cool and interesting braided hairstyle to wear on short locks. Cornrow braids inspired by Afro-American hairstyles are the best solution for your festive looks. They are tight enough and can easily keep annoying hair out of the face. Look how simple it is and how nice it looks. If you like, you can achieve it even on pixie haircuts to amuse your friends.

Wavy Braided Half-Updo

Waves combined with trendy braids create a super luxurious ad gorgeous style. They are ideal for prom looks and go well with festive dresses, accessories and makeups. If you have a two-tone hair color, then this hairstyle will sparkle on your head. As you see, it is unique enough to make you stand out in the crowd. While everyone knows how simple waves looks, many people will like your wavy hairstyle embellished with braids on the crown part.

Side Swept Cornrow Braids for Medium Hair

Mid-length haircuts give us the chance to go for a variety of braided hairstyles but what if we want a new and big trend? Let’s try the side swept cornrow braids, which have become the favorite of many celebrities. This hairdo keeps some part of your hair out of the face while the other part frames it beautifully highlighting your femininity.