There is absolutely no chance that you will be able to grow your following and be a top online model if you do not understand what goes on inside the minds of your followers. When it comes to building your reputation as an online influencer, you would do well to understand the basics of psychology and understand how they relate to the goals that you want to achieve. Here are some simple psych tidbits that you can use for your personal brand. Know them, use them, and run away with them for a solid online following.

Sharing is Caring

One great way to extend your influence and to make your content more visible to people who are not following you yet is to get your loyal followers to share it. For this reason, you need to understand the main ticks that make people share content online. In essence, people share and repost if they want to help others or if they find a content to be entertaining. Ensuring that your posts meet these classifications will, thus, help improve your visibility and grow your online following.

Color Influences Audience Behavior

It is true that colors and hue have an effect one emotions and consumer response. For this reason, you need to make sure that you fill your Instagram feed that will fit your personal branding and get the right kind of response from your followers. Greens and yellows are, more or less, connected to feelings of happiness and optimism. Reds and shocking pinks are often associated with feelings of female empowerment. If you want your followers to double tap and like your content, then make sure that you use hues that will fit your message and evoke the right kind of emotions among your followers.

Build your Audience’s Confidence

People generally gravitate towards online influencers and ambassadors who make them feel good and make them feel that they are following the right kinds of people online. For this reason, you have to make sure that you spread the love around and boost your followers’ confidence on you and your brand. One great way to do this is to post content that will solidify your credibility and reputation. This tip also works when it comes to attracting sponsors and brand partners, because scouts are mainly on the lookout for models who know what they are doing.

Spread Good Vibes

Emotions are contagious so you have to be very careful regarding the kinds of feelings that you show online. Keep this simple tip in mind: no one wants to see content from someone whose main purpose seems to spread the negativity around. However, this does not mean that you need to be happy and peachy all the time! It is very much acceptable to share opinions and feedback regarding different things, especially the ones that affect causes that your followers care about; but you have to make sure that you do it with tact and with taste!