Being a model requires having your own fashion style that will not only show off your personality, but will also set you apart from the rest. Consider every single model that you can think of: in addition to looking great in designer garb as they do editorials, they also have their own way of projecting who they really are through the pieces that they wear on their down time.

Raiden Wise is a strong contender in this front. Unlike other ambassadors who endorse brand for endorsement sake, Raiden is guided with a purpose: to show the world who she really is and to use her life in showing the world a powerful message. Raiden likes making a statement, and through her photos and her whole Instagram feed, she surely does that.

One quick look through her IG feed is enough to show anybody her greatest interest: anything and everything Kawaii. This kind of visual aesthetic has had a great influence on this aspiring model, and the way that she is proud of this hobby of hers has made her an icon in a niche community. Anybody can tell that this philosophy has guided much of Raiden’s personality and that she would do well when working with brands of the same aesthetic.

Raiden Wise has a truly androgynous style and look! With her chopped hair, which is usually jazzed up with the colors of the rainbow, and her unique choice of clothes, there is no denying the fact that this young lady has an unparalleled sense of confidence.

Her androgynous look also makes her a hot property in the field of online modeling. Since she has an easily adaptable look, it will be fairly easy for her to adapt whatever brand she is working with.

Raiden’s style combines a unique sense of comfort and style, and this outgoing aesthetic is something that will surely set her apart from other online sponsors! Work with this unique gem for your next online campaign simply by visiting her IGModel Search page and her IG account!