Despite being in a great place in in his life, Leonard Trujillo is aiming for another goal: to become an Instagram model and an online endorser. This goal started when he was getting into the fitness game. Gone are the days when this man is an unknown entity in the fitness industry. Since Leonard has been a fitness fanatic for as long as he can remember, he feels that he will do a great job in partnering with like-minded brands. All those hours in gym has also paid off, because no one can deny that he has the looks and a body that almost everyone will die for.

Leonard Trujillo has a military background. This means that he has a wide network of connections that are automatically linked to brands who will choose to work with him. Tapping on his military background – and building on his military body, to be honest – is also a great way for him to gather more followers and likes.

“I am consistent. I have maintained a high level of fitness focusing on weightlifting and aesthetics since college.” – Leonard Truillo

Anybody will agree that Leonard’s dedication to fitness is apparent in all of his Instagram posts. Save for come day in a life photos, his account is filled to the brim of progress photos, food photos, diet tips, and the motivational quotations.

While some people would like to become models due to the travelling opportunities that come with the role, Leonard is already leaps ahead of everyone when it comes to seeing the world. He is a pilot, after all. His lucrative career has brought him to more than 30 countries in the past 3 years alone! This means that potential partners and brands can capitalize not only on his worldview, but also on his experiences of being exposed to different cultures.

This pilot and achiever definitely has more than his brain to offer. Elevate your brand and reach new heights with Leonard Trujillo! Get to know him more by visiting his IGModelSearch profile and his Instagram account.