Social media platforms like Instagram has provided us with new ways to connect to one another. However, there are instances when this benefit is used in less than favorable manners by some people.  as an online model, there is a possibility that you will hear negative things and see negative comments about you.  here are some tips that you may use to deal with these comments and minimize the possibility that they will happen again in the future.

Listen to What They Have to Say

When it comes to getting negative comments online, the first thing that you have to do is to listen to what your followers are saying. N matter how hard you try, there is always a possibility that you will rub certain people the wrong way. The first thing that you should do is to find out what you may be doing wrong and to think about how you can remedy the situation.  No matter how painful it may be, read through these comments and see if there is a germ of truth to them.

Reply the Best Way That You Can

There will be nothing more infuriating for your followers than to feel that you are ignoring them. The same thing goes true for the people who say negative things about you. Even if you do not necessarily agree to what they are saying, it Is imperative that you take the time to think of appropriate replies and send it to them publicly or through private messages. Doing this will help you build a credible reputation as an online model and ambassador.

Take Control of The Situation Positively

When it comes to dealing with hate online, there is really nothing that you can do other than to take the high road. Reacting negatively and arguing with these people in a venue where everyone can see your interactions will have negative effects on your online reputation and branding. As an online model, you have to make sure that you remain composed and amicable. Dealing with negative comments properly will help your reputation and will make you a potential asset to possible brand partners.

Go Private

If there are certain things that you cannot resolve publicly, you can very well go ahead and converse with the person in the more private space. This way, you will be able to air out your opinions and listen to what each other has to say without turning everything into a public spectacle. Resolving the problem privately will also minimize the effect that it has on your personal branding. More often than not, when these issues are addressed through private messages, they also tend to give more beneficial and more positive results.