Your hair routine is going to get some upgrade thanks to the below represented hairstyle ideas. They are called retro hairstyles that look awesome with matching makeups. While old Hollywood glam is not something to include in your everyday beauty routine, but they are fashionable and so requested in salons. Women choose them for special occasions and we often see celebrities rocking such hairdos for red carpet events. Let’s get our inspiration.

Retro Waves Hairstyle

The combination of the old and new is always attractive but it looks well-balanced when the stylist has worked wisely. Here we see retro waves achieved on short bob haircut with granny shade. This hue is the most stylish for the moment and it looks fantastic with wavy hairstyles. You may consider it for your short bob haircut.

Retro Updo Hairstyle

Perfect updo hairstyles look like this. They are feminine, interesting and eye-catching so that all eyes could be on you. If you are looking for a prom hairstyle to beautify your medium or long hair, then let it be this Old Hollywood hairdo. Between so many stylish updos this one stands out with its elegant loveliness.

Retro Half-Updo Hairstyle

Half-updos like this one are the most beautiful in their style and design. In order to get the same result, you need to go for loose waves, then brush them out, spray hair spray and pull back the front hair by fixing a nice hair clipper. In case, you have bangs, you can brush and pull them to one side too. Match with natural-looking makeup.

Side Parted Retro Hairstyle

One of the hottest hairstyles for long hair is the side parted wavy style. It works well both with dark and light hair, but it’s better if you refresh your shade before styling. Blondes can opt for highlights or add more shine to the current tone. Brunettes may opt for jet black or chocolate brown hair color. Dark roots with light tips also look awesome in this style. It means that ombre and somber hair colors will add a modern touch to this hairstyle.

Retro Headband Hairstyle

As you see, many celebrities style their hair with retro touches. Women used to wear various headbands with teased hairstyles to create glamorous looks. Headbands do provide with the desired glam and charm to simple hairstyles. Whether you have short, long, curly or straight hair, you can always update its simple look with a cute headband. Don’t forget to tease the top part like Olivia Wilde.

Retro Curls Hairstyle

Want more texture and volume? Opt for retro curls. They have the ability to shorten your hair visually and bring out your femininity. Side pulling will provide with a luxurious effect as well as subtly frame your face. Blonde curls look hot and brunette curls are classic. If you have red hair, then you are unique in your style no matter your hairstyle. The best makeup tip for this look is the bright red lipstick.