As an online influencer, you need to continuously capture and create content that will appeal to your followers. However, even the most successful influencer will agree that finding inspiration for your next post can, at times, be challenging. Fortunately, there are simple thought-starters that you can use to post photos and videos that will get those precious likes. Here are some ideas that you may use for your next updates.

Spontaneity is the Key

Today’s online audience is gravitating towards moments-focused content that is genuine and authentic. Followers are not more discerning when it comes to following influencers. Gone are the ways when you can impress them with over the top photos and well-orchestrated posts. For you to get more followers, you need to let people in and you need to show them your true self.

With the stories feature, you can give your audience a chance to look into your world and see that you are just like them. Don’t think about impressing them too much. Your genuine qualities are what will draw them in and will make them want to follow your account.

Access is Everything

When it comes to updating your followers about the events that you get invited to, you have to share about the experience as much as possible. It’s not enough that you tell them that you had fun; you have to make them experience it as well. This is true for your brand partners, too. They would want to see tons of content about the event that they invited you to.

With this said, go no holds barred and get cracking! Take photos of the details that caught your eye and post videos of the experiences that you loved. This kind of content will surely get you more followers and brand partners!

Be Honest with your Reviews

Posting about your partner brands will be a tricky deal. While you would want to give your partners what they are paying you for, you also owe it to your trusted followers to be as honest to them as possible. The secret lies in working with brands that you genuinely use and love. Find partners who are in line with your personal brand and your interests in life. This way, you will be producing reviews that will hit the right spot with your partners and followers.

Own your Role as an Influencer

With tons of followers and numerous brand partners, you have earned the right to own your persona and branding as an online influencer. This means that you have the power to influence and start trends, instead of simply riding the latest hot topic. For this reason, you always need to be one step ahead in offering your followers the right kind of content. Tap into what you know about them, the things that you know they will like, and start posting about it.