Hashtags are one of the most important things in promoting your brand. They are extremely powerful and help you get more followers, likes and fortunately comments. Every year Instagram change some features. That is why it is important to keep in touch with all its changes. How to use right hashtags for your brand is one of the most important questions. Today, I will show you some basic tips that will help you gain more followers, likes, and comments, with use of right hashtags.


Use 30 Hashtags per Post

Maybe you knew, and perhaps you didn’t that Instagram has some basic rules when it comes to hashtags. You can use 30 hashtags per post. If you were wondering what amount of hashtags is right, let me tell you something. Use a maximum number of hashtags. Each of them is an opportunity for new client, follower or buyer, depending what you are doing on Instagram.


What is the Right Place to Put Hashtags: Comment Section or Caption?

Many people put hashtags into comment section (me included) because that way you can have a clean caption, without making it look “not pretty.” Your hashtags will still be available when people are searching for them, so don’t worry about that.

However, there are some rumors that in 2018 Instagram algorithm will not allow this to happen anymore. It stays to see, but until then, you can test it yourself.


Find Out About Banned Hashtags

I have to admit that the story about banned hashtags was pretty new to me. I spend so much time on Instagram, and I have missed this info?! Anyway, Instagram banned more than 114.000 hashtags (wow). You won’t believe it, but some of those hashtags are #beautyblogger, #desk #romance and many other “innocent” ones. Find the list of banned hashtags and check if there is some that you are frequently using.

Research and Write Down Hashtags


If you want to do this hashtag thing seriously, then you will need a pen, paper or your phone. Start researching which hashtags are appropriate for your niche, and try to mix them. You can create groups of 30 hashtags, and in that way, you can quickly use them when posting a new photo. Check out what your followers are putting, explore hashtag pages and related hashtags.


Track Hashtags with Insights


If your profile is switched to business, you can follow your hashtag growth with Instagram insight. That way you will easily find out if you are using the right hashtags for your business.

By analyzing individual post, you will see how many people have discovered you from hashtags.

Use the New Feature: Follow Hashtags

Following hashtags is an almost brand new feature on Instagram. When you follow some hashtag, it will appear on your homepage. It is a nice way to follow multiple Instagram accounts, connected through some particular hashtag.

Add Hashtags to Instagram Stories

Same as with your posts, you can now put hashtags in your stories. This is an excellent way for people to discover your profile through your stories.


In the end, I will just say that most of all your content must be good and interesting. Hashtags will definitely do their job, but you also need to work on your aesthetic and theme. I hope this article will help you find right hashtags for your brand.