“For the first time in my life, I have nothing and no one holding me back from my potential and I’m so excited to be part of the change I wish to see in the world!” Rachel said in an interview with fitnessgurls.com

Rachel Elizabeth Murray started in an athletic lifestyle even before she could walk (which can be seen on her Instagram account, @rachelizabethm). She was born in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Due to her father being an army surgeon, her family moved around a couple of times before she was an adolescent, allowing her to collect a number of impressive varied skills. With her family always pushing her to sports she learned how to walk before she could swim, and ride horses. She learned how to ski in Germany. She participated in baseball and swimming competitions in San Francisco. Her skills don’t stop there as she played basketball, and soccer. She even learned snowboard in the beautiful mountains surrounding Spokane Washington, where the family finally built a home in 1997.

She went to college at Washington State University where she pursued a degree in communications. She continued her athletic lifestyle even learning and participating in more sports and activities such as cliff and bridge-jumping, and rock climb­ing. No matter where she was in life, she always found a way to feed her adventurous urges.

Life was very promising for the college girl, but just as any person, hardships and trials befell her when she was sexually assaulted during the summer of her junior year. She used fitness as one of the many things to help her get her life back on track.  “I put on my run­ning shoes and just went. I started run­ning with­out a goal at first. I sprinted up the biggest hills I could find to find strength, accom­plish­ment, and momen­tary confidence.” Rachel said on her website, causefitness.com.

It was also this time that her faith was challenged. When she had gone through, what can only be called, the worst times of her life, she didn’t fail to depend on God. She joined Bible Studies which helped her cope and continually sought for the fulfillment that fitness training had to offer, as she noticed the change within herself when she started. Which led to her remarkable and impressive physical state that u can see on her IG account @rachelizabethm.


After graduating she became a cer­ti­fied per­sonal trainer, cer­ti­fied sports nutri­tion­ist and coach, physique ath­lete and fit­ness model. She garnered many impressive achievements such as trophies, magazine features, and lots of commercials.
Rachel also founded her site in 2011, which is called Cause fitness, “a brand and foun­da­tion that seeks to affect change in global per­cep­tions of health, fit­ness and nutri­tion, and equips peo­ple world­wide to real­ize that goal through edu­ca­tion and training.”-description from the website itself.

She is very open about her Christianity. She was asked on fitnessgurls “How do you stay motivated? Part of her answer was “…And my biggest inspiration? Jesus Christ. If he could carry a cross up a hill after being flogged to near death, I can finish every workout strong, without complaint. God renews my strength daily, and that’s the honest truth. I love Jesus!”

Indeed, Rachel is a woman who has gotten through the toughest times. Follow her journey on her FB or IG (www.facebook.com/TheRachelElizabeth, @rachelizabethm).