Sam Garner is no stranger to being a figure of persuasion. Working as an after-sales agent in the automotive industry, she regularly finds herself in an environment where she interfaces with clients to close deals. This line of work has geared her with the necessary skills to be an effective ambassador for brands that are looking to amplify their online presence. Add the fact that she has a stunning face and an immaculate figure, and you have yourself a successful model in the making.

I love giving my opinion as I’ve found many people may not have perceived things the way I have. – Sam Garner

This 22-year-old stunner from Australia has a unique take on life and on the things that happen to her. She believes that her unique upbringing has equipped her with a unique sense of logic and cynicism. These are the very traits that set her apart from other reviewers that fill today’s social media. You can trust Sam to honestly share the great features of your products and to influence her followers to join your cult following!

While Sam Garner may seem like she has more than a run-off-the-mill personality, she surely possesses different traits that are shared by other young girls her age. One of these traits is her love for her furry friends! Her two German Shepherds are two of her most prized possessions

I love taking ‘in’ fashion trends and tweaking them to my own style – through this I have been able to keep up with the trends without splurging money on clothes I won’t ever wear again. – Sam Garner

Sam’s image is very aspirational yet relatable, thus making her a great ambassador for products that cater to the younger feminine market! Her pretty face can work as an asset for fashion and beauty brands who are looking for models who want to be part of their online marketing campaigns. She also has a stunning figure that will work well for beauty, editorial, photography, and lifestyle campaigns.

As we are forever learning and will never know enough, I know that how I feel today may not be how I feel tomorrow and that’s okay. – Sam Garner

She is a young and beautiful girl who has so much enthusiasm for life. And, guess what, she can breathe the same level of enthusiasm into your brand’s online ads. Contact Sam Garner by visiting her IGModel Search profile and following her Instagram account.