While most models prefer getting smothered with thick layers of make-up and getting dressed up in flashy clothes, Tykie Singleton stands out from the crowd by being as natural as possible. This beautiful ebony babe looks like your girl-next-door, with her down to earth attitude and natural look! There is no denying the fact that Tykie has great potential to be a model, though, and that her ebony beauty is enough to take her apart from the rest.

“I do not wear make up other then mascara and I use the brand “Better than Sex”. I don’t usually use a one specific brand of lip gloss but if I had to choose it would be MAC.” – Tykie Singleton

Tykie Singleton is a family woman. Her dreams and aspirations are rooted on her intent to create a better life for her family and loved ones. This is why she is aspiring to be a model and spokesperson for different large-scale brands. Not only will it be a lucrative career for this 16-year-old stunner; it will also provide her with the power to take care of her family and to make a name for herself.

This aspiring model from the United States has around a solid amount of followers on Instagram, majority of which are from the different areas of the United States. She also maintains stable and consistently updated accounts on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and Snapchat. This makes her a force to be reckon with on social media, and a potentially effective model for online campaigns.

Given the choice, Tykie would want to focus on projects that fall under the categories of entertainment, fashion, and music. These categories go well with her personal interests, and she feels that she will be able to completely deliver for these kinds of projects.

Another model-worthy trait that Tykie Singleton has is her vivid imagination. In a career that is as creative and aesthetic as modeling, the job would be a whole lot easier if models are able to put forward their own directions for the shoots. Since Tykie was blesses with a highly creative mind, she will surely be an asset for every team that she works with.

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