Shania Perrett is an Australian social media star who is mostly known for her Instagram Page (@shaniaperrett). She was born on March 1, 1997 and grew up in Gold Coast, Australia with two sisters and a brother. She says that along with her siblings, she grew up having a lot of pets such as horses, dogs, cats, geese, guinea pigs and birds; making her grow up as a natural animal lover despite being allergic to furry animals. Ever since she left school at the age of 15, she worked full time in the customer service for almost a year. In 2012, she created her Instagram account and started posting about her lifestyle as she still continued her full time job. Eventually, she became a sales consultant.

Living her life, making money for herself and spending her hard earned money for parties here and there, she realized that it was enough. Shania made efforts in changing and becoming a better person. She ended up making money off Instagram and decided to leave her job as a sales consultant and lived for 6 months being dependent merely of her savings. Soon after, she made it her full time job to maintain her Instagram account. Now, she has gained over 448 thousand followers who adore her for her amazing photo posts and fitness advices.

Opportunities slowly came as she was introduced to modeling. At a young age, being merely a teenager, Shania has posed for a lot of photographers. She is mostly associated with Jye Laufer, her photographer, who owns the @ShaniasPhotographer Instagram account. It’s an amazing fact that a photographer has such an account containing purely pictures of Shania. It was as if, Jye’s life was dedicated to promote Shania through photos and social media.

Shania endorses a few brands such as “Rejuvenate Me”, which is a skin care shop that does not only sell products but also embarks on a skin care journey with its customers. “Rejuvenate Me” uses Skin 02 exclusively. The leading cosmeceutical brand, founded by Dr. Atia is now 10 years old is also based on the Gold Coast. Skin 02 offers a full range of doctor formulated skin care and cosmetics. Their mineral make up range is vitamin and peptide infused, which treats your skin whilst you wear it. Unlike most makeup brands, which contain talc, unnatural ingredients and ultimately clog the skin’s pores, Skin O2 is formulated to address major skin concerns such as aging, pigmentation and acne. Skin O2 formulations contain a unique combination of sophisticated, high-end Liposomal delivery systems and potent anti-aging star performers such as Vitamin B, Vitamin A, Vitamin C and Vitamin E, as well as breakthrough peptides and natural plant extract epidermal growth factors. Skin 02 is animal cruelty free, eco-friendly and uses 100% natural products.

No wonder Shania has an exceptional healthy skin!

Aside from her Instagram account, you can also see more of her in her blog ( where she posts more of her life experiences as well as her other modeling shoots. Shania also maintains a Youtube account where she shares videos of make-up tutorials as well as her story admitting that she got breast augmentations. Shania is indeed a woman of courage as she was able to support herself and work hard for everything that she has now. It is evident that she will be able to achieve what she wants just as long as she puts her mind to it.