Sheikha Mozha bint Nasser al Missned is giving us a serious case of admiration. The 58 year old madam is one of the three wives of the former Emir of Qatar, Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa Al Thani. But she is so much more than just a woman with a powerful husband.

Sheikha Mozha is just as actively involved and influential on the political scene as her husband and son are. She was the former first lady of Qatar. Her husband abdicated in his son’s favor, so Sheika Moza is now the mother of Qatar’s Emir. She is still one of the most influential women in the Middle East and the world overall.


Sheikha Mozha says she does not miss the status of being the first lady. Hey, that’s just a title. She tirelessly continues to fight for a better world. It is more than obvious that she enjoys being a social activist. I hardly doubt that there is a single person that Sheikha Mozha met and they did not immediately like her! Maybe ‘like’ is an underestimation; everyone is impressed by her intelligence and power.

Sheika Moza Bint Nasser Al Misnad on state visit to France

Many suggested that she would have to get used to lower profile once her husband left the throne in 2013. But that’s not the case! 4 years later, she is still a steadying influence on everything that has been happening and is going to happen.

In 2007, this power woman ranked 79th on the Forbes list of 100 most influential women in the world! This is when Sheikha Mozha gained the much deserved validation for all that she has been doing for the world. It was about time she was recognized as more than just a shiny figure standing next to the Sheikh.

Her bold initiatives are aimed towards many goals like improving how women are perceived in the Middle East. She’s is a restless fighter for putting an end to domestic violence. Sheikha Mozha is a firm believer that women and children’s rights must be protected by law!

She believes education is the key to better future so she fights for everybody to have the chance to study. Her love for education comes from her businessman father. As she likes to say, everyone deserves a fair chance and free access to schools. This inspiring woman started her education at Egypt. Her first love was medicine, so she wanted to become a doctor. But eventually, she decided for sociology. She graduated from the Department of Sociology at Qatar University. Getting her degree was not the end for Sheikha Mozha; on the contrary it was just the beginning! She decided that learning should not stop at any stage of life. Live and learn!

In 1995, Sheikha Mozha and her husband founded the Qatar Foundation for Education, Science and Community Development. The foundation is still active. Many US universities came to the territory of Qatar through the so-called “Education City”program .  If it wasn’t for this foundation, Qatar may have never attracted US universities. Nowadays, over 14 million square meters are used for student campuses, university buildings and institutes. The “Education City” program also provides funds intended for scientific research, and for other economic and social purposes.

Sheikha Mozha is also the founder of several programs for improving the health care system in Qatar. She also created numerous employment programs for the youth in the Middle East and North Africa, as well as helping marginalized communities and the poor. All that for the purpose of making the world a better place!

Other than a world-renowned intellectual and activist, Sheikha Mozha is appreciated for her impeccable style. In 2015, the Sheika was listed as one of the best dressed women in the world by Vanity Fair. Her fashion sense comes from her character; BOLD! In addition, she also found a way around tradition. Although Islamic tradition requires wearing a hijab, her recognizable sign are the turbans she wears. The former first lady of Qatar is especially known for her lavishing dresses. Unlike other Islamic women who stick to the rules of tradition, Sheikha Mosha is setting her own. In spite of traditition, she is often seen in trousers.

In fact, Sheikha Mozha bint Nasser is quite possibly the new Jackie Kennedy when it comes to style. A striking beauty with a loud voice when it comes to making the world a better place!


A true power women! We adore you Sheikha Mozha!