No one will notice that Nicole is actually new in modeling with the quality of professional photos on her Instagram. A makeup artist for more than 4 years, she accomplishes every level of beauty on her. She is excellent at what she does, a master in makeup and in natural beauty.

Nicole is 31 years old doesn’t need extra hands to correct her makeup which gives her an edge over other models. Her photos reflect how well she knows her work and it also gives her an advantage having a professional and creative access in the makeup industry. 

She looks luxurious, stunning and beautiful with a feeling that she has been modeling all her life. Nicole is one new and serious model that will take a huge step in makeup and modeling industry with her good looks and fashionable statements.

With her amazing curves, and every hair color just fits her perfectly, Nicole is also known to take great care her body to achieve her goals in becoming a better model.

She’s fun and the camera loves her which is the makings of a great upcoming ambassador for your brands.

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