It’s warm outside and your followers should feel the same sizzle when they go through your Instagram feed. This season brings opportunities to put together playful ensembles that will amp up the summer heat. Here are some of the season-friendly fashion tips that you may use to stay on trend this summer. Even better, they also involve the use of versatile pieces that you can wear for the rest of the year!

Get Kicking in Khakis

After this trend has been a staple of vintage wardrobe for years, it has finally gotten its much-deserved time on the spotlight. Gone are the days when you would only whip out your trusted khaki bottoms if only you are after a classic or vintage look. This summer, you can wear them out all you want and still be aligned with the latest trends! Off-duty khakis give off a casual and subdued look and feel that perfectly fits the summer atmosphere. Wear it outside with an equally attention-grabbing bag or a flowy top for a look that will keep you cool!

Ditch the Basic for Basket Bags

Basket bags are one of the top essentials for a fully-packed beach day because they have the capacity to carry a lot of stuff without getting shoddy and misshapen. Good news! You can also use this kind of accessory to complement your city day wear! This season’s basket bag takes on a more structured and refined look. Because they look more polished and put-together than the common beach bag, they have the power to jive well with even the slickest look. Just make sure that you avoid going for overly sized designs. As long as you stick to a manageable size, you should be able to wear it any time you go outside.

Do Throwbacks with Vintage Bikinis

While you will be tempted to show off as much skin as possible with your string bikinis, you’d have to favor a more covered up look if you want to be on point with this season’s swimwear trend. Retro-inspired bikinis are all the rage from the hottest runways to local swimwear shops! Since it is cut and structured to give ample support, you do not have to worry about hiding your pooch. Strike a vintage pose and your summer photos will surely be a hit.

Cover Up with Wrap Dresses

With its highly flattering style and silhouette, wrap dresses have been popular wardrobe staples for years! This summer, however, it is taking over in a new level as It is one of the season’s must-haves. There is something about wrap dresses that makes the wearer look effortlessly chic. You can wear it on the beach, over your bikini, or in the streets, with your trusted slick accessories. There is no doubt that this style is a lightweight look that will keep you feeling fresh during these hot summer months.