Kate Sullivan is a young woman with wonderful dreams ahead. This twenty-two year old Jersey girl is independently working her way to a path full of excitement, fitness and fame. Using social media as her tool, she has become a fitness model, sharing her secrets to everyone.

It all started in 2013 where she first joined Twitter and later Instagram; posting pictures of her slim and toned body (which spoke for itself and did the work), garnering over 400 thousand followers.

She has been associated with “Women’s Best” – an Austrian health supplement company that creates a wide range of protein drinks, meal replacement drinks and weight loss pills for women as well as Detox Teas.  The products are produced in Germany which is a place known for its high health standards. The company promises to help women of any age who want to lose weight and bring out the best in them. Because of her photo upload mentioning the product, she has not only given notice to her body, but she has also given credit to the company’s name.

In one of her Instagram photos, where she was holding a protein drink, a number of people reacted negatively as to the genuineness of the photo; she was criticized for having it photo shopped. However, she gave her comment publicly and explained that it was not fake at all. She claims that she only sharpened it because the picture was blurry when taken, hence, the minimal picture enhancement.

Despite this little misunderstanding, her undeniable slim and toned body definitely makes you want to hit the gym and have a body as good as hers. As a fitness fanatic, she makes sure that she does all the proper exercises to maintain her figure. She continuously uses “Women’s Best” product so she can keep a healthy diet.

Kate loves electronic dance music, which explains a lot of pictures of her in parties and raves.  She is also an animal lover which is evident in her Instagram page where she takes pictures of her dogs who mostly keep her company. She also claims to be a sneaker head in which you can see various sneakers worn by her in her photos.

“Don’t worry, I’m not running in my #yeezy’s ! Even though they are comfy AF… If anyone knows where I can get me some #turtledoves size 5 PLEASE direct message me! So hard to find them in my size. Being a sneaker head is so hard for us girls…” she said as she comments about her running.

You may follow her on Twitter (@KateSullivan0x) or Instagram (@katesulivannnn) to see more of her pictures. She currently has updated her instagram, mentioning that she is now engaged. (Congratulations to the lucky man for getting to marry a beauty like Kate!). The jersey girl is still on her way to the top and slowly, with her continuous updates in social media, as well as doing hard work in her advertising and modeling ventures, she will definitely make it to stardom.