As an online model, it can be pretty easy for you to get engrossed in the process of documenting everything that you do just so you can share them with your followers. While this is a good practice for your craft, you have to make sure that you are able to strike the right balance between your online and offline life. It is also integral that you avoid flooding your followers’ feeds with posts every hour, since doing so may lead them to tune out and unfollow your account.

Here are four of the most useful social media rules that you should follow as an online influencer. Go through the following guidelines and make sure that you consider them every time you post a new content online.

Remember that Pictures do not Make Up the Whole Memory

It is common for people to hear the phrase, “Pictures or it didn’t happen.” However, it is a common occurrence for people to get too engrossed in the process of taking photos and videos that they often forget to take the whole experience in and actually be in on the moment. You have to remember that your followers are your fans not only based on the photos that you take – and upload – but also because of the experiences that you are a part of. So the next time that you find yourself immersed in a wonderful moment, take a handful of photos and leave yourself with enough time to actually enjoy the experience.

Capitalize on Natural Beauty

Being an online personality will impress a certain amount of pressure when it comes to launching aesthetically pleasing content online. For this reason, it is not uncommon for models and ambassadors to end up posting overly filtered photos that, more often than not, end up masking the true beauty of the photo. As much as possible, take your photos un natural light and use very little editing on them. You will end up with a feed that does not only look beautiful, but one that feels organic and genuine, too.

Likes are Not Everything

While likes, comments, and share will surely boost your account’s online engagement level, you should avoid making these metrics the main measurements of your success as an online model. Yes, you should watch the numbers, but you have to remember that there are other benchmarks that you should focus on, like building genuine and long-lasting rapport with your followers, for example.

Disconnect to Connect

Online models and ambassadors often find themselves trapped in the online world, leaving them with only a little time to interact with people in the real world. You have to understand that, for you to be a successful online model, you need to know how to build great relationships with people. There is no better way to do this than to interact with the people around you; so, you should be mindful in leaving yourself with enough time to disconnect in order to gear yourselves with effective values and skills that will help you build great relationships.