When it comes to being an online model and ambassador, engagement is the name of the game. You need to constantly launch creative and interesting content that will make them want to double tap, leave a comment, or even share your photo or your video. Getting favorable response from your followers will establish your reputation as a must-follow influencer and a powerful brand ambassador. For this reason, you should seriously consider using the following tactics in order to boost and maximize the amount of engagement that you will enjoy from every post that you launch. With these simple adjustments, you will be able to experience an increase in your network and the way that they interact with your content.

Ask Nicely or Creatively

As the old adage goes, ask and you shall receive. This very simple expression applies pretty well when it comes to improving the amount of engagement that your photos and videos will get. What kind of response do you need from your followers? What do you want them to do? How do you want them to react? Most often than not, all that you need to do is to prompt them to react in a certain way. Just make sure that you do so in a manner that will increase the possibility that they will give in to your request.

Incentivize the Process

If you find that asking nicely does not give you the kind of response that you want, then you should sweeten the deal and give them possible incentives that will make them want to opt in. Organizing a contest and turning the whole experience into a gamified process works most of the time. A contest or a giveaway is also a good venue for you to highlight the brands that you work with. By using their products or services as prizes, you place your brand sponsors in a very flattering light.

Go Live More Often

Since the online audience loves it when they feel that their social media platforms are reaching out to them, it will be a great move for you to launch IG live video sessions every so often. Since these sessions tend to be more fleeting than the usual content, people often feel pressured to post comments and send likes in order to show their support for their idols. Just make sure that you prepare well ahead of time and be pretty strategic when it comes to your narrative. For example, you can create tons of opportunities that will make your viewers want to share their answers and opinions by asking different questions throughout the whole experience.

Curate your Content

What sets successful online models apart from their competitors is the way that they are able to choose which kinds of photos and videos deserve a place on their profiles. If you want a great engagement level, then you need to lay the foundation for it by curating your photos, using a theme that appeals to your target audience, and sticking to it as you update your content.