Are you already in search of the latest nail trends? You are in the right place to discover spring 2019 nail trends with all their creativity and beauty. Women are divided into two groups when it comes to the choice of nail trends; those who look for the most classic solutions and those who want to see extravagant and creative ideas. No matter which group you belong to; here are the most lavishing ideas of nail art to inspire your spring fashion choices.

Grey-Blue Nails

The cool and subtle mixture of grey and blue has provided us with the light mauve blue shade that’s so trendy in nail art. This classic hue is the first lovely shade on our list that goes with the tender spring. You can match it with elegant outfits and exquisite makeups. However, there are top models rocking grey-blue nails with bright accessories, which creates a gorgeous contrast.

Shiny Nude Nails

Since we have started from classic options let’s consider another big nail trend for spring 2019. It’s the elegant nude shade with shiny effect. This super exquisite nail trend works well with light skin tones and looks eye-catching with darker complexions. We have seen it worn by many black models who are not afraid of rocking light shades on their nails. All in all, the final result is nude and shiny.

Graphic Twist

Thanks to Tommy Hilfiger’s flag colors and Versace’s Greek key borders now we have a new nail design. This smashing style is all the rage these days. This is perhaps one of the most fashionable graphic twists to choose for nails. Nail artists need to use a striping brush for precise lines.  The color combination is nude and black.

Three-Tone Checkered Nails

Checkered nails are not new in the fashion world. They have been popular in simpler styles and designs. Today we have three-tone checkered nails that look subtler and nicer. Whether combined with matching stripes or monotone outfits, the final look is appealing because the colors used in this design are neutral enough to combine with many other shades. You need to use white, light grey and black for the desired result.

Twisted Zebra Nails

We have seen the bold twisted zebra nail style at Christian Siriano’s latest show. The aim was to grab attention on the printed pieces and accessories. So, the designer has decided to keep up with printed nails too. This exotic style created just with white and black may become your next favorite nail design for spring. You can choose to wear it with printed accessories and outfits.

3D Texture

And the most extravagant nail design for the coming year is the 3D texture accompanied by chic fruity art and jelly press-ons. They shine all the way and grab so much attention thanks to the mixture of bright hues. As festive nail designs these are perhaps the most luxurious ideas. This nail trend is for those who truly want to impress the public by their fascinating and posh look.