Every spring we can’t wait for the news about trends. I don’t know about you, but I follow every runway show and street style wear very carefully. Nowadays, influencers, models off-duty and bloggers are best presenters or newest trends. I think it is the right time to see which are the biggest trends for spring 2018.

From transparent to pink and pastels, trends for spring are wearable. This spring not only millennials will wear pink. We all will! Let’s check out some of the biggest trends.


Perfectly Tailored Suit

If you were wondering why there are so many suits in retail stores, this is why. They are a huge trend for spring! Perfectly or not, tailored suits are amazing. As part of office-wear suits are considered to be elegant. However, nowadays, you can wear it casually and effortlessly as part of your everyday wear.

Belt Bags and Fanny Packs


If you belong to generation Z and you follow the fashion of the ‘90s, then you probably know that belt bags were a huge trend of the time. Well, guess what? The belt bag came back through the big door in 2017. Check out how It girls wear it.

Logos on Point


This year, if you want to say something, put the message on your bag, top or any other item that you wear. Girls were wearing logos – Versace, Balenciaga, Gucci. No one left their things without putting a logo on it (the big one, to be clear). From fashion faux pas, placing logos on almost everything became a huge trend this year.

Polka Dot


If you are a fan of black and white outfits, then you have to try polka dots this year. This print was always here, hidden from the eyes of the public. This print is spotted mostly as monochrome colorway. It looks chic and ladylike.



I know that this might sound surprising, but wearing 100% nitrile or synthetic rubber is a huge trend this spring. As you can see, many girls try it, and I have to admit it looks interesting. If you want to try it, but you are not sure how to match it with another item, then go with accessories for a start.

Lemon Yellow Color


Lemon is a bright color that really goes side by side with the nice and warm weather. You already know that bright colors like yellow, pink or green raise our mood. So, what are you waiting for? Put on a yellow dress and go outside for a walk.

Transparent Trend


Going clean this spring is more than possible. All designers suggest trying the transparent trend. You can wear sheer fabric on your dress, blouse or even boots. However, if you are still thinking about this, my suggestion is to try a transparent bag.

Vintage Florals


Florals for spring? Yes, please! If they look vintage, even better. You can be sure that in these dresses you won’t look like a housewife from the 80s. Add some chic details, and you won’t be disappointed.