In order to stay on top of your game as an online influencer, you have to stay ahead of the trends and make sure that your followers see you sporting the news looks first. A quick look at this season’s hottest runway shows will clue you in on the updates and upgrades that will hit the beauty scene. Here are some of this time’s must-have style staples that you should definitely try out – and post about!

Mermaid Eye Make-Up

Gone are the days when dark and smoky eyeshadow takes the game for people’s staple nighttime look. Things are taking a more whimsical and colorful turn with this season’s hottest make-up trend: mermaid eyes! This look has been seen on the runway of designers like Marc Jacobs, Jill Stuarts, and Rachel Comey; and will definitely add just the right touch of magic to your Instagram feed.

Using shimmery powder, color in the inner halves of your eyelids. Make sure to use a bluish tone on the outer side of your eye and a greenish you below the lash line. Blend all of these wonderful colors together for an instantly eye-catching look!

Looooong Hair

We started noticing top celebs stepping out with hair for days this season; and this voluminous trend shows no sign of stopping anytime soon! Even if it’s summertime, long and laid-back hair is a season must-have. If you have naturally long hair, all that you have to do is to get your supply of Vitamin E in order to keep it strong and long. If you don’t, however, then go shopping for instant extensions! Using growth boosters will work as well but you may not get the length that you need in time for this season’s hottest parties.

Ombré Lips

After ombré hair has taken the world by storm, this colorful style is moving to another part of the body: the lips! Red lips are surely a cult classic, but this season’s playful lip trend is out to make everything more exciting! Ombré lips are slowly making their way from the hottest fashion blogs to the top runway shows! If you want to get in on the action, start by applying a bold red shade on your outer lip and a softer pink shade on your inner lip. Blend the colors together for instant lip magic!

Surfer Girl Hair

While bleaching your hair may feel like a big step to take, doing it will definitely give you a new look that you can show off online. Believe it or not, surfer girl blonde complements a wide range of skin tone and complexion. Pair your spanking new hair color – or lack thereof – with attention-grabbing curls for instant Instagram likes and followers! Just make sure that you only use the best products in stripping your hair, in order to avoid causing irreparable damage. Make sure that you also schedule regular treatments and maintenance sessions to ensure the health of your hair!