Cutting off your hair for the hot summer season is definitely a good idea, but now that fall is coming upon us, there is no doubt that you are experiencing certain challenges in maintaining your short look. Fortunately, there are certain things that you can do in order to style your look and run into less problems as you grow it out. There are different things that you can do to control your mane while still rock your way to fall. Here are some tips that you should try out the next time that you step out.

Dry Shampoo your Bobby Pins

If you have short hair, then bobby pins are your friends. However, it is also quite problematic to keep the pins in place and keep your tresses where you want them to be. To solve the problem, spray on some dry shampoo onto your bobby pins before slipping them on. Doing this will help you keep those pins in place, therefore keeping your banging look in place, too. Make sure that you spray the inside part of the bobby pins to achieve a steady grip.

Braid your Own Crown

If you think that only long-haired maidens can rock the braids, then you are sorely mistaken. If you have short hair, then you should definitely try out a crown braid! Pull your hair back into a cute crown simply by Dutch braiding the diagonal portions that frame your face. Stick a bobby pin to keep the braid in place and step out the door! Do not forget to spritz on some setting spray to ensure that your look will hold throughout the day.

Crisscross your Headbands

Using one headband may lead to a disaster, because there will always be stray pieces of hair sticking out everywhere. Depending on your cut, a singular band may also fail in keeping your hair out of your face. To solve this problem, use two headbands and crisscross them on the top of your head or across your scalp. For an amped up look, use ornate bands that have small jewels in their designs.

Tame your Tresses with a Cold Cream

There is no doubt that your beauty kit already includes your favorite hair product, but are you sure that it will be able to manage and tame your short style? Believe it or not, small dab of cold cream will do the trick! While it is more commonly used on the face, it will also tame rowdy fly-aways and frizzes. Just avoid putting on to much because tons of cream on your crown may leave you looking greasy.