The first thing people take with them when leaving home is their phone. Cell phones have become one of the most important (if not the most important) items in our lives. Many people can’t live without their cell phones. There are some that not only care about the functionality of cell phones but also the style, design and unique look. Nowadays phone cases have become a kind of style statement Fashionistas tend to replace their old phone cases with new ones for every season and mood. It’s another way of showcasing their taste, personal style and originality. Here are the most stylish phone cases for fashionistas.

Glitter Phone Cases

More glitter and more luxury; that’s what gorgeous fashionistas seek for. It seems as if women match phone case trends with the latest makeup trends. They like to combined glitter phone cases with glitter lipsticks and eyeshadows. The result is very stylish, eye-catching and of course luxurious.

Vintage Flowers Phone Cases

We choose lowers but only in vintage styles. Actually, we like the shades and color combinations of those vintage-designed cases. They are so feminine, ravishing and rich-looking at the same time. We can match them with vintage wallets, watches, accessories and of course vintage flower prints on our retro inspired dresses.

Phone Cases with 3D Landscapes

Those looking for a case resembling arts and nature there are 3D landscape cases. These are a real piece of art that look both stylish and beautiful. They ideally showcase the unrepeatable taste of the owner. Women with great love towards painting and arts will surely love this trend.

Abstract Phone Cases

Lately the popularity of abstract phone cases with geometrical images is widely increasing. They are not common, nor too complicated. They just look interesting. You may even see lack of harmony in color combos but the result is really fascinating.

Your Favorite Food on Your Phone Case

Let’s think big and make our brain work harder. Actually, there is nothing to think about when it comes to our favorite food. We know what we love to eat and we want to have its image on our phone case. This big trend is special for those who really love their food.

BFF Phone Cases

Almost each teenage girl has a best friend. Here you are offered BFF phone cases to show your love towards your best friend. It’s perhaps one of the most fashionable ideas to surprise her. Many close friends use these phone cases when they know they are together forever. However, couples also like using such cases. All in all, they are together at least every day.

Funny Phone Cases

Finally, there are funny phone cases for fashionistas that like to stand out with their sharp mind and humor. These cases carry either humorous phrases or funny images. You are free to choose the one that goes well with your character and mood. Try to amuse your friends with your cool choice. Let them love you even more because you make them smile thanks to such a simple idea.