It’s the hottest season of the year and your Instagram content should be as hot as the sun outside. Summer presents tons of opportunities to impress your online audience with fresh content that will get them itching to do the double tap.

Looking for ideas to create interesting content that will make this your hottest summer ever? Take a look at the following suggestions. With these tips, you will be able to update your profile with this season’s hottest looks and boost your online engagement in the process.

Share your Travel Experiences

There is no doubt that this summer has presented you with opportunities to go on fun trips with your family and friends. Why not share photos from your adventures and make your followers feel as if they are part of the experience?

Food photos, action shots, and beautiful sceneries will definitely tickle your audience’s fancy. Try to upload your photos in real-time, to ensure fresh content that will get a lot of comments and likes. Share your favorite traveling hacks with your captions too, and watch your engagement go off the roof!

Flaunt that Summer Bod

You work hard in order to keep your body fit and fabulous, and summer is the best time for you to show off the results of your hard work! Take tons of photos during your beach trip and share these amazing snaps with your followers using the right hash tags.

To maintain a sense of variety, consider using swimwear in different colors and styles. Make sur that you mix up your poses and background, as well. This way, you will be able to show yourself in the best light, all while showing off the body that you earned through hard work and exercise!

Show Off New Skills

Summer is usually when people take up new hobbies and explore new skills. Did you learn calligraphy? Did you enroll in a summer workshop? What did you do for fun? Share them with your followers and inspire them to learn something new too.

Sharing your new interests will take you a notch higher than other online influencers. It will also make you more relatable and aspirational to your followers, since there is always the chance that you share the same interests.

Help your Followers Keep Fresh

After browsing your IG feed, your followers will surely have the same question in mind: How does she remain cools and fresh despite this heat? Establish your reputation as their go-to Instagram It Girl by sharing effective tips on how to stay fresh under the sun.

What kind of clothes fit this season best? What are the beauty tips that they can use to maintain a flawless look? Share your favorite secrets via short videos. Post photos of your favorite summer products. Your followers will surely appreciate learning from an influencer like yourself!