While using Instagram may seem simple enough, there are certain skills that you should master if you want to effectively use this platform to build your online brand. When it comes to using social media to connect with the market, guesswork is not enough. You need to observe what the experts do and see which steps you can mimic in order to gain the best results. Here are some easy-to-implement changes that you may use to improve your Instagram game, most of which are tips that even top online brand builders swear by.

Develop a Voice

Talking to your online audience involves so much more than typing out the first captions that pop into your head. You have to make sure that you use every photo that you post to communicate with a voice that is aligned with your personal brand. For beginner, it’s best to stick to what comes naturally to you, after a little refinement and proofreading of course. Do not think too much about sounding a specific way, because your tone and voice should perfectly fit the image that you want to project.

Quality Over Quantity

While launching daily content will help you remain ever-present in your followers’ Instagram feeds, posting daily for the sake of getting the numbers in does not always work. When it comes to being relevant on Instagram, the level of engagement on your post dictates how visible your posts will be. The latest IG algorithm places content with high engagement levels on the top of consumer feeds, after all. This means that, instead of posting for the sake of launching new content, you should focus more in creating high quality posts that will make your followers double tap or comment.

Mix your Content Buckets

Just because you are a beauty blogger, this does not mean that you need to fill your feed with one selfie after another just so you can show off your make-up masterpiece. When it comes to building your brand online, you need to make sure that you utilize different kinds of posts that will keep your followers on their feet! Think of the types of content that catch your eye and see how you can adapt them for your personal brand. See to it that you use different types of content buckets in order to keep the audience engaged.

Work with Other Influencers

Once you have exhausted all means to acquire more followers, you may then move towards working with influencers in your niche and cross promoting each other’s profiles. As long as you partner up with online models that target the same online audience, you should have no problem in building your personal brand as you grow your following. Make sure that all interactions are authentic, since followers will be able to see through obviously orchestrated interaction. When done right, you and your partner should be able to strengthen your personal brands and gain a stronger online following!