Instagram has taken the world by storm and it has turned into one of the biggest social networking platforms to date. This photo sharing pp has also transformed into a great tool that you may use to build your network and to reinforce your branding. However, with millions of users on IG, you will need to make sure that you stand out from the rest and post only the most beautiful photos. Here are some things that you may do in order to take the perfect photos and use them to build your reputation on Instagram.

Begin by using your Phone Camera

Your phone’s camera has tons of features that you may not be able to use if you go straight to using the IG camera. For one, you will be able to take as many photos as you can, helping you ensure that you get the right framing for your photo. Using your phone camera first will also give you the option to save the unfiltered and unedited version of your photo, giving you the chance to use it somewhere else in its raw form.

Invest on a Phone Lens Accessory

There are different kinds of tools that you can buy in order to bring your photo game to the next level. These accessories will help you improve your shots and, thus, your chance of impressing the online audience. A phone lens will help you get more clarity and brightness to your photos and will also give your shots a more professional feel. You will not even need to spend much for one, because there are tons of affordable options that do the job right.

Consider your Background and your Foreground

One too many influencers have fallen into the trap of posting the perfect selfies only to find out, a minute later, that some not-so-pretty things are peeking at the background. Before you capture your photo, you have to make sure that you consider the whole space especially the part that you will capture in the frame. Make sure that you clean things up a bit and hide anything that you do not want the public to see. Try to take your photos in different angles, too, to make sure that you will not need to go back in and retake the shot.

Play with Lighting

One great way to post interesting photos is to play with everything that is in its natural element. While it will be best for you to take your shots in natural light, it will also be interesting to play with shadows from time to time. Playing with the light and maximizing whatever tricks it will play on the eyes will give you amazing photos! When you do this, there is also a chance that you won’t need to add filters and edit your photo, because the raw elements will be interesting enough as they are.