Modeling is a form of storytelling where one ambassador tells a story of a powerful brand that can also reap wonders for his or her followers and fans. For this reason, scouts should look for online models who do not only look good but who can also make the brand story relatable and palatable. Sage Bartow fits the job to a T, and with her love for performing, there is no denying the fact that this young woman can be a powerful influencer in the social media space.

At a young age of 17 years, Sage is an expert in the realm of performing and public speaking. In addition to her convincing prowess, she also has a unique look that most people would consider enchanting. Judging from the number of likes on her IG feed, Sage Bartow has no problem with projecting a likeable persona that will surely convincing and powerful when it comes to building and influencing an online following.

“You’re changing my heart and opening my eyes and I’m loving every second of it.” – Sage Bartow

Sage loves and craves the rush of having her own captive audience. Be it in the realm of public speaking or be it in the world of modeling, she surely has what it takes to sell a message; and to sell it well. She is well aware of the fact that stories are best told using the combination of words and movement. This makes her a great candidate for social media ad campaigns that use poses and captions to send out a message!

“Be your own kind of beautiful. Not the beautiful that is stenciled out for you.” – Sage Bartow

With her blonde hair and strong features, Sage definitely has what it takes to strike it big for beauty, fashion, photography, and lifestyle campaigns. This girly girl will also do well in selling products that appeal to the fairer gender. She has a relatable look that is not intimidating to males and females alike.

Tell your brand story and sell your products with the beautiful Sage Bartow. Start by visiting her IGModel Search profile and following her IG account!