What does it take to be an FMD model like Rebecca Arnold?

Well, you should be full with talent, beauty, stunning body, positive attitude and commitment to be the best supermodel you can be. That’s exactly who Rebecca Arnold is! She is certainly a very promising newcomer in the fashion world.  She’s an Australian born, grew up in the Gulf and is now based in London as a full time fashion model.

Arnold describes herself as basically a shorts and t-shirt kind of girl as she grew up in the Gulf. She loves going out under the sun, sand and by the beach. Certainly, she’s a jet setter who loves everything the world has to offer.

Her life abroad taught her lifelong lessons and sparked a very strong sense of wanderlust. Arnold’s instagram account is indeed full of life and colors with her impressive photos as she travels to many places around the world.

Here are some great pictures that paints a thousand words about her.

Arnold’s fashion style used to be simple and casual. However, when she embraced her career as a full time fashion model, she became really interested in fashion. Her fashion style has advanced into glossy, more glamorous and higher brands.

Arnold says that fashion should always make you feel better and never worse. And she’s exactly right, as fashion should not be the basis to make you feel lesser about yourself. For her, fashion is not a statement and not an armour. She doesn’t use fashion to change herself or to project a certain image about herself. She just loves to wear things that make her feel good. As a model, she believes that she does not have to be wearing the current labels, or clothes with the most expensive and latest trends.  Likewise, she also advises everyone not to take fashion too seriously.

Rebecca Arnold also understands the power of social media that she continues to build up her professional portfolio. She regularly updates her followers in instagram by uploading her recent photos, selfies, and her life in everyday situations.

She also keeps a blog site where she shares and documents more a lot of stuff about her life and her modelling career at radrienne.com. On her blog site, she shares a range of her fashion styles, from casual, smart, etc. You can also get to know more about her wanderlust, travels and foods.