We all love sandals as they are chic, cozy and travel-friendly. While high heels are too beautiful, too attractive and feminine, they are not meant or long walks, traveling, shopping and everyday casual lifestyle. Besides all the pairs of shoes founded in our wardrobes we should have at least one pair of sandals for any occasion. The best thing about sandals, compared to many other convenient shoes, is that we can rock them with any outfit from jeans and shorts to girlish dresses and skirts. Let’s find out the best sandals for SS 2018.

Dolce & Gabbana Sandals 2018

This year Dolce & Gabbana continues keeping up with luxurious, embroidered and posh shoes representing Roman Empire style. We see gladiator sandals with creative solutions and designs. Instead of simple and common leather, we see heavily bejeweled gladiator sandals that can be worn for special occasions as unique and fascinating shoes. They are festive enough to rock with short skirts and long knee-length dresses.

Etro Sandals 2018

As for Etro, it offers much more feminine and subtle ideas of sandals for SS 2018. This time it represents silky and embroidered sandals for everyday wear. However, they are not perfect for long walks. You may rock these sandals at special events, birthday parties as a busy mom or student. They look chic and are meant for different age groups of women. Etro silky sandals are met in silver, brown and dark golden shades to please all tastes.

Marc Jacobs Sandals 2018

The sandals seen on Marc Jacobs SS 2018 runway shows seem to be more athletic, sporty and convenient. They are perfect for traveling, excursions, beach vacations and long walks. Upgraded with tropical effects, prints and colors, these shoes look playful and eye-catching. They can highlight your bright individuality and beautiful mind. So, enjoy laid-back beachy vibes.

Michael Kors Sandals 2018

Many fashionistas like Michael Kors’s collections as they are always fashionable and comfortable at the same time. You can find classic options of sandals without odd combinations. They come in pure white, black or other colors and look both nice and cozy for all occasions. These casual sandals go well with any outfit and tend to keep your feet in a good state all day long.

Miu Miu Sandals 2018

Miu Miu’s unique collection of sandals for SS 2018 comes in non-standard combinations both in colors and designs. These ultra-shiny shoes sparkle even more thanks to the upper embroideries. They grab attention with their unrepeatable style and look. Anyone wearing these sandals will surely stand out in the crowd. In order to bring out the style of the shoes designers have combined them with colorful socks.

Valentino Sandals 2018

This year Valentino offers transparent and subtle sandals to wear in everyday life. These are beautiful and comfortable sandals with stylish bows on the upper part. They are accompanied by harmonious colors and materials that create a well-balanced effect to match with any shade of dress and accessories.